2018 Commonwealth Games: Athlete Waka Comot For Team Nigeria Camp

2018 Commonwealth Games: Athlete Waka Comot For Team Nigeria Camp

Naija oga pata pata athlete for 400meters, Bamidele Emmanuel don va comot for Team Nigeria 2018 Commonwealth Games camp wey dey Port-Harcourt, na Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) talk so.

Emmanuel, wey run 45.28secs to sidon as oga pata pata for 400meters wen Naija do Commonwealth Games trials for Abuja, been dey among 37 pipu wey go show face for Nigeria for di Gold Coast 2018 Games wey go shele for Australia.

“I fit confam am say oga pata pata for Naija 400meters, Emmanuel Bamidele don disappear comot for camp, but me i no know about how im take waka as the mata shock me sef. Wetin shock me pass na say people dey talk talk say we sell am give Qatar.” Coach Ishola Oladipupo na im talk this one.

Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) talk say dem don report the mata give IAAF and dem dey wait for reply.

Oga Sunday Adeleye wey be technical director for AFN also talk say: “Na true say Emmanuel waka comot for camp becos we no sabi where im dey for some days now. But we no wan believe say him wan go join another country as talk talk dey go around.

“AFN don report di mata give IAAF so that dem go fit stop any mago mago wey another country dey do to carry Emmanuel comot for Naija because say the law wey dey down now no allow am. We dey hope say Emmanuel go come back come continue him preparation for Commonwealth Games because of say if na true true say him wan join another country, IAAF no go allow am shele and the mata no go help him career.

“We no fit dey pour money ontop our athlete make another country come reap wetin dem no sow. We dey wait make IAAF reply our letter but we dey hope say Emmanuel go come back before the reply because of say pipu wey been advice am to waka comot for camp no sabi di new law wey no go allow am fit shange country.”

IAAF been block the transfer of athlete from one country to another because of say na African countries dey suffer am pass, plus dem don arrange committee wey go fit look into the matta well well.

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February 28th, 2018

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