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Enthusiastic, intelligent, responsible, creative and energetic, I am Onu Cynthia Chikodi a.k.a.Kody d’Kodynator, I graduated from the University of Lagos in 2008 where I studied English(Ed).
With my qualification, one would have expected to see me teaching in the classroom, well, I did teach at different times. I taught as a youth corps member and after that, as an actual teacher at St. Gregory’s College, Ikoyi, Lagos state. The opportunity that saw me coming into broadcasting came in 2010, July 5th to be precise while I was still teaching and because I have always nursed that hope of becoming a broadcaster, I had to drop the chalk to pick up the microphone and it’s been fun all the way. I started as a newscaster before I was moved to become an on air personality.
Kody was born on the 11th of August, and trust me, I had a quite interesting childhood. I was a happy child and got all the attention, as well as all the discipline that formed who I am and still would be. I love to cook, maybe because I eat a lot and I love to teach (my first profession still hasn’t left me completely). Cartoons, movies and soaps are my favourites on television. I love good music too. I’m not so much into sports, but football comes as a delight sometimes when I have to watch the game not play it. Kody loves to be happy, so I value the company of people who make me happy.
I’m a good listener I care a lot about people, always love to see people smile even when it causes me some discomfort. I’m a good motivator too and know how to get people to believe in themselves. I just love to be free. I guess this is me in a nutshell. (Smiles)

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