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English Hello! My name is Kayode Clement. However, I am known as… Kbaba a.k.a The Love Doctor a.k.aLuva-Boi a.k.a. Heart Mender a.k.a Mr. Aroma and finally but not least Ogbuefi1 of WazobiaFM. I graduated in Mass Communications from OOU, Ogun State.
I used to occupy the biggest room in a 5-storey building in a compound called “Lambo-Lambo” formally known as Campus Angel; it was predominantly filled with lovely and cute ladies as well as fine gentlemen. My nickname Kbaba started from my university days and Kay-pumping was another that was given due to my uniqueness. After school, I was posted to Kano for my NYSC.
In addition, I also attended FRSCN training school. May 1st is my most special day in the year because its my birthday and its a public holiday so everybody can celebrate together with me. I love drumming, talking to my girlfriend, hanging out by the beach, visiting and lending a helping hand to the less fortunate. I am very passionate about what I do; I take pride in my job. I anchor the weekend show and its primarily based on Love. I feel blessed to be able to motivate and make a difference in peoples’ lives. Always put God first and all else will follow in due time is my motto.
Join me on weekends for Love Wantintin/Kondi Level/Wee Language with Baba-Godey and experience love, peace, and joy as its meant to be….:)
Pidgin version Yes hi!  My name na Kayode Clement .Anyhow, dem no me as Kbaba with other names wey u sabi .i finish from OOU,Ogun State. Wen I dey for skull, I dey stay for the biggest  domote for  yard of 5-storey building wey be ‘Lambo-Lambo’ as C.A before, with correct pilpu dem and na since den, dem don dey call me d name ‘Kbaba’.
After skull I go hausa land for KANO to serve our obodo naija  I kon try go FRSCN training school .i dey always dey happy wel wel if I dey do my baiday bec’ everybody dey jolly holiday with me on every 1st may.i like to dey drum,yarn with my otepu , and dey go beach, I dey enjoy my job pieces!!! dey like helep pilpu wey needam as Baba-Godey don try for me too. So, I won make you dey put ‘GOD first ‘ ontop anything and every every go folo .i dey do Overnight Weekend Show for LOVE MATA/KONDI LEVEL/WEE LANGUAGE.
Join me make you  feel the gbadunment of love ,peace and joy as e suppose be…

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