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FEMI (MAN WEY GET SENSE PASS FEDERAL GOVERNMENT) Oh! Femi, do am well now… make you dey play me better music as I dey sleep dey go. Una dey listen to Femi… na him dey when everybody dey sleep..on 95.1 Wazobia fm. Oh! Femi, u just dey make my heart jigijigi with all dis music wey u dey play for 95.1 Wazobia fm. Hello… For a first time listener, you are either amazed or carried away with thoughts of these words especially at that time of the day, however, if you are a regular listener to the station, it may no longer surprise you. This is how Femi welcomes you to the overnight show on 95.1 Wazobia fm.

I am Femi, a graduate of computer sciences from the University of Lagos with a post graduate diploma in mass communication (in view) from the same University. An indigene of Lagos, I bring my own personal experience couple with some industry traits. With a deep baritone voice , you can call me the “ Barry White “ or “ Malcolm X of the overnight show.

I have been able to win more audience to the overnight show who are either waiting for me to go on air or wake up at the sound of my voice. You either see me as good, bad or best with my witty style of conversation, I am like a bug on your radio. The apex of the show comes with the segment “ NO BE GOD? “ which is a 1 hour inspirational and soul lifting session with melodious rendition of songs from upcoming and established artistes whose songs fill your airwaves every morning , keeping you company on your way to work, school etc even when you forget to pray or say “ thank you “ God.

I wonder what the overnight show would be without Femi? What do you think? Your guess is as good as mine. No stuttering, shivering, stammering, or even staggering, he’s got so much swagger. Can we finish exhausting his qualities and potentials? Sleep is good but Femi has made it even more relaxing with songs for everybody’s relaxation. His numerous appellations include-“ man wey get sense pass federal government “, “ minister of jollytainment “, “ OC MORALE “, to mention a few.

Feminly speaking, that is on behalf or is it befull, no mind me, of “ME , MYSELF and I “, Wazobia has been like a family with constructive criticism from colleagues and superiors with the like of YAW, MOTUNDE, OPJ, DWANA, JETA, to mention a few.

I hope I have been able to convince, oops!, impact positively on the teeming audience who have come to see the station as their “ true friend indeed “ and colleagues alike. With God on our side, the sky is just a leap to greater frontiers. Obviously, you would agree truly with me “ NO BE GOD “, your answer would definitely be “NA GOD ” Keep listening and believe me, no dull moment. The best is yet to come, you ain’t seen nothing yet…

keep your fingers crossed. 95.1 Wazobia FM..the ogbonge station. Stay tuned.

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