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My names are Bright Daniel, a native of Ebebio in Cross Akwa of Nigeria. I was born and brought up in a family that loves music. At the age of Ten, I used to follow my Uncle to shows because he was a DJ.
They used to call him “DJ WISE”, he got me inspired. I also picture my self as an independent boy because I was born on 1st October, the independent day. Green-white-green is my Logo.
DIS ONE NA 4 PIGIN My name na Bright Daniel, and My language name na Ebebio wey de for cross Akwa 4 Nija. My family love music well well, dat one come make me come like music too. Wen I grow 10yrs old, I dey follow follow my uncle to shows 4 any area dat time dey callin 4 him, because my uncle na DJ, populary dey know am as “DJ WISE” na him come put me inside d system.
Me I dey always see my self as independent person cause na 4 October 1st dey b born me to this world. And na dat dey b our independent 4 nigeria. My logol na Green-White-Green.

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