Buhari and budget


Everything been start like Movie wey go carry plenty action inside, but somehow e just be like say Water don dey wash the Salt wey suppose ginger the action for the movie.

Before now we been hear say the two major actors for this movie be 5 and 6 but somehow sha the friendship come miss level leaving them as either Actor vs Actor or Boss vs Boss because Actor vs Boss no fit into this movie at all. Make we enter into the main Movie see as e take go.

All of us been dey our own jeje when the before before committee Chairmo for Appropriation Oga Abdulmumin Jibrin on 21st of July carry heavy corruption mata wey him call “Budget Padding” nack on top of the Speaker of the House Hon. Yakubu Dogara. According to Jibrin, him talk say inside the 100 billion Naira wey the House of Rep get for Constituency project say the Speaker, him deputy Yussuf Lasun, Majority Whip, Alhassan Doguwa and Minority Leader Leo Ogor of the PDP comot 40 billion for themselves, as wetin, we no know.

The mata skyrocket to the point wey e be say Nigerians come dey para seriously untop am. The mata no end there as Jibrin grant different interview where him even talk say evidences dey to prove say the speaker pad the budget. As usual Nigerians come dey expect make the appropriate anti corruption body enter into action to investigate the mata. Anti corrupt body we no see, investigate we no hear,and as if the first action wey Jibrin carry no do, him come carry him leg go the appropriate Anti corruption bodies like EFCC and ICPC.

To cut the whole tory short, APC wey be the party wey two of them belong invite am over and we know the result wey come out from am. The President come also hold talk with the two of them separately. The tory inside the meeting we no know.

Press people meet Dogara ask am about the mata, him confidently tell them say him no commit any crime unto say Padding no be offence. He further talk say anybody wey fit prove am, make the person carry the mata go court.

He also talk say wetin make Jibrin no complain this mata wen him dey for him position as Appropriation chairmo, say na to tell you una say him dey lie.

After all these actions, the following don happen:

EFCC don interrogate Jibrin seriously, come also promise another interrogate this week

A group wey dem call Anti-Corruption Unit of National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) write EFCC say make them investigate Jibrin untop 10 contracts wey reach 418 million wey jibrin award for 2014 wey them no see the result.

All these plus other things wey dey happen untop this dey make Nigerians ask plenty questios. And some of these questions be:

Shey we go talk say padding wey be corruption for everybody eye no happen for this mata?

Wetin make EFCC, ICPC no enter into action wen this mata first come out?

Why we no hear say dem invite the Speaker even when him no get immunity clause?

Abi we go talk say Jibrin wan take the mata spoil the name of the speaker unto say the way him take commot for him position no pure?

Why the President never talk untop this mata considering him agenda to wound corruption?

Shey na say the Executive also know about the padding but just dey keep quiet unto say na we we government?

Abi na say the budget wey the president sign different from the one wey dey cause this gbege?

Abi we go talk say the government fight against corruption dey selected as plenty Nigerians dey reason am?

Finally shey we go see true result come out from this mata abi na same, same kind of government of Chop and clean mouth we go see untop this mata?

This na serious questions wey I go like make readers answer make we know wether na one chance we don enter so.