We No Sure Say Chibok Girls Dey Sambisa – Air Chief

The chief of Air staff, Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar talk say Nigeria Air Force no get correct information of where Chibok girls dey, him talk this one on Satuday for the interactive session wey him get with journalist for Abuja

Abubakar talk say even if them see women wey dress in hijab, say nobody sure say them be women, dem fit be men wey wear hijab. Him also talk say air force dey fly their planes everyday dey hope to see these chibok girls. say military also dey passionate about them.

He talk say no day wey sun rise and set wey them no dey go out dey hope to see these girls. From January this year to august 17, them fly for 2600 hours, and about 50 per cent of am na intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance.

Abubakar talk say them dey hope say through intelligence, them go dey able to capture and locate the movement of the girls. About the latest Boko Haram video wey them show some girls, him talk say these terrorist just dey try to bring up sentiments because them know say all Nigerian dey concerned about this girls.

About the military operations for Niger Delta, him say them no go bomb Niger Delta instead them go protect the people and the oil and gas infrastructure.