Top 5 Ogbonge Igbo Delicacy

Our elders talk say the way to man heart na through him belle, so if you wan marry igbo man and u want make him dey happy everyday,na  these foods you go dey cook for am.

Oha soup (ofe oha)


 The combination of Fufu and Oha soup na one of the ogbenge food wey igbo people like wella, only the aroma of this food fit full your belle.Ofe Ora[as igbo people the call am] na one of the most delicious soup wey igbo people dey eat, dem the cook the soup with leaves from one tree, dem the call the leaves oha leaf, dem dey cook this soup with cocoa yam or ofor/achi as thickener.      

African Breadfruit (ukwa)                                                                                                                                                                  

African breadfruit[ukwa] na another popular igbo food wey igbo people like,and this food get many style wey dem fit cook am, dem fit cook am alone with no ingredients or with wetting dem the call ugba, or dem still fit remove the water of the ukwa then add ingredients.

African Salad(Abacha)

African salad na another delicious food wey dey precious to igbo people. Abacha as igbo people dey call am na one of the popular evening dessert for eastern villages, e dey serve as kola for visitors, in-fact for some villages for eastern part of of Nigeria, na only abacha dem dey use do kola for visitors.

Ugba (oil bean seed)


Ugba na the igbo name for fermented African oilbean seed,another ogbonge food wey igbo people no dey use joke. This food na good and cheap source of protein, them fit eat am like that or prepare am with soup,abacha,meat etc. for some Eastern villages them dey use am prepare almost everything wey them dey eat.

Bitterleaf Soup (Ofe Onugbu)


Bitterleaf soup [Ofe Onugbu] na another very delicious igbo people food , and this soup dey popular because them fit use different ways take prepare this soup. Them fit prepare this soup with egis[melon seeds], eye[cocoa yam], for, ache or even ogbono.